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Who Are We?

Judgment Collection LA is a Judgment Enforcement Firm that was started in Los Angeles. Now it has become a nationwide company.

We enforce most judgment types, including Small Claims, Civil Limited, Civil Unlimited, Labor, Federal, and so on. We enforce judgments in California and also out of state. We are a team of full-time enforcers, with 200 years of combined experience. Unlike most of the enforcers in this industry, who only work part time.

We congratulate you on winning your case! It is time for us to turn that piece of paper into money for you. We have the resources, diligence, and experience to enforce the judgment and collect the money for you.

Once you assign your judgment to us, you will be stress-free. From conducting a comprehensive investigation, to handling every court form with the court, and even meeting with judgment debtors if necessary, we will manage everything.

There are no up-front costs fees. You will not even receive a bill afterward.

We take care of every judgment as if it were our own. We do not get paid until we collect successfully. We strive relentlessly to bring justice through judgment enforcement.  That is our passion, and our mission.

Judgment Collection LA

Major Judgment Types

Small Claims

State judgments which are below $10,000.

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Civil Judgments

State civil limited judgments which are below $25,000. State civil unlimited judgments which are above $25,001.

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Federal Judgments

Federal judgments are issued by the federal courts.

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Cases Completed Successfully

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Frequently Asked Questions

What We're Most Often Asked

What is the minimum judgment amout you will accept?

We handle judgments that are $5000 or more. If it is below $5000, please contact us for more information.

How long does it take to enforce?

It depends on whether the Judgment Debtor has any seizable assets.

Do I need to pay for anything?

Absolutely NOT! We will front all post judgment costs. We bill our costs to the Judgment Debtor. If the debtor passes away tomorrow or leaves the country, we will not bill you anything.

I’m ready. What’s next?

Send the copy of the notice of the entry of Judgment or Judgment.

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