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Thank you Paris for collecting my judgment. My judgment was against a big corporation and I was going to handle it myself. I even hired a private investigator to look for the banks and assets. Who knows a big corporation doesn't even have a bank account? Finally I gave up and I found Judgment Collection LA online. I wasted so much money and so much time to handle it. Paris has a way to find the asset. I'm very grateful that I got my money back.

Los Angeles, CA

I recently won a small claims judgment, but I was having trouble getting my money from the debtor. I felt like I had no way of resolving this alone so that's when I decided to reach out to Paris. She provided me a couple options on what I could do. Once I made a decision on what action I wanted to take, she walked me through the entire process and sent me all the necessary paperwork. especially appreciate how informative and transparent she was. She seems like a very genuine person who looks out for her clients. I definitely recommend her services. I hope I don't have to take anyone else to court again, but if I do, l'll be coming back to Paris for help!


I highly recommend Paris to collect your judgment. I had moved to California and had a judgment in another state. The Judgment Debtor refused to pay, I was unable to locate his funds, and I had resigned myself to never being able to collect the money I was owed. I found Judgment Collection LA and Paris immediately went to work. She located the bank accounts, property and other assets and she was able to collect. It was such a relief to have an intelligent and knowledgeable person working on my behalf. Most importantly, I got paid!


I appreciate the professionalism and effectiveness of Judgment Collection LA in collecting some unpaid judgments for me and my company.  Their knowledge and experience in navigating the legal system is unparalleled.  All of my interactions with this company's team members and staff has always been helpful.  Their ability to resolve my collection issues has made me a raving fan and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of judgment collection services.


I needed help on a judgment of mine. It was a very complicated. Paris got me paid. You’re the best Paris!


Judgment Collection LA is the #1 firm to help you collect on your judgment. Extremely responsive and experienced in how to help collect on uncollected judgments. A++++


My family had a large judgment which I had assigned to another judgment enforcer previously. Unfortunately, that person didn't do much and did not follow-up. I had to fight to get back the judgment. After " interviewing" several judgment enforcement specialists, I finally chose Paris because she seemed very sincere and committed. Thank God I did! Paris is extremely knowledgeable about the legal system and clients' rights, perhaps even more than my own attorney. Paris worked hard on my case. My judgment was not easy to enforce. Paris spent many hours going to the court on multiple occasions to handle our case. We were completely stress-free, knowing how reliable she was. I can proudly say that Paris can be a creditor's worst nightmare. Another advantage was that we didn't need to spend money out of pockets upfront, considering we had already spent too much on lawyers' fees. Thanks to Paris' hard work, we are now receiving monthly payments which surprised and pleased us tremendously. I'd give Paris 10 stars in this review, if I could.

Pacific Palisades, CA

Ok, I honestly don't leave reviews much but the level of communication, and RESULTS were so above my expectations, I had to make Paris send me her page (out of her busy days) so I can tell the world about the professionalism of this business.  Would recommend 1000x over!

Hacienda Heights, CA

I assigned my judgment to Paris. Her team is so thoughtful. I didn't know how to print out the documents from my computer. I let her know & her team sent me a hard copy of all the documents by mail. You're talking Customer Service and going the extra mile. I was waiting to get paid for years & wasn't able to collect. Within 6 months, Paris collected it for me. She called me before new year and acknowledged me that she had successfully collected the full amount. I was full of joy. Praise the Lord!  It was a best gift to start 2022. I highly recommend Paris for collecting the judgments.

Hawthorne, CA

After I realized that I would need a professional Judgment Collector, I contacted Paris Liang. She helped me get my Judgment collected fast and effectively. Paris is very professional and she excels in Judgment Collection. Paris stood by me when one of the Judgment debtors took me back to court to try and get out of paying their responsibility "The Judgement". Paris also found the Debtors bank accounts, and she has a great Team of Professionals who know how to get corrupt, fraudulent Companies to pay the Judgment. I'f you need your Judgment enforced I highly recommend Paris Liang because she helped me a lot.

Azusa, CA

Highly recommend Paris, she's very knowledgeable and determined. She helped me recover a debt fairly quickly and smoothly. When she collects the money owed for you, she will take a percentage of it so you don't have to pay her up front. Full of win!!!!

Los Angeles, CA

Paris is motivated and reliable when it comes to judgment collection. She'll move quickly and aggressively to pursue payment of your judgment, without any hesitation. I gave a judgment to Paris and she found where the debtor banks, and sure enough, Paris got the money. Like clockwork, Paris knew exactly what to do and it was impressive how effective she was in recovering payment from a shady debtor. Awesome job. I would recommend Paris to anyone that needs their judgment enforced, she will deliver.

King of Prussia, PA

It was a pleasure to work with Paris. She was very efficient. It only took her few months to recover my judgment. (More details: Small Claim Case  17STSCO1255 against Ivan Bitton Inc. Superior Court of the State of California for the county of Los Angeles - Stanley Mosk Courthouse. Judgment was issued on 6/16/2017)

Manhattan, NY

Judgment Collection LA is your go-to for uncollected Judgments! I loved that she does not charge upfront fees. Amazing service, amazing results!! Give her your most difficult judgments and she somehow figures out how to collect on them where others could not. She's a magician!!!


Paris is the best and could not recommend a better judgement collector. After so much stress and time spent trying to collect myself, one phone call with Paris relieved all of my burdens. Within 1 months time, Paris was able to successfully collect my judgement for my security deposit that was never returned to me by my previous landlord. I was so surprised by the quick turn around and greatly appreciate your time and work.

Los Angeles, CA

Paris Liang called me in February of 2021 and asked if she could collect the money we had coming to us in a Judgment.  I said to go ahead and had given no hope to the situation because the Judgment was dated 11/23/2016.  Sure enough she collected the money and sent me a check dated November 11, 2022.I would highly recommend Paris if you want your money collected.

Santa Ynez, CA

I cannot say enough about Paris.  Our judgement was actually turned over to Paris after changing from many other judgement collectors for various unsuccessful follow through reasons honestly on both sides.  Ours and other Judgment collectors assigned to us.  The huge major blessing with Paris is /was her persistence, encouragement and tenacity to not only succeed where others had failed but more so Paris' encouragement that no amount was too small to retrieve that it is principle to make a wrong "right."  Justice served and honored  no matter how long it took.  Paris spared us  as an intercessor the unpleasantness and spared us with her legal knowledge and expertise of dealing with difficult people ( our Contractor) and our lack of knowledge of the Judicial system, the courts, Judges.

To our surprise , gratefulness and thankfulness Paris succeeded with recovery of our losses giving time, time, with patience with the utmost professionalism.  We were able to collect.  Paris is the Best! A GOD Send!

Five Star Plus Rating!!!!

Altadena, CA

Thank you Paris for your help, knowledge and professionalism!!!

Chino Hills, CA

After spending thousands of dollars on attorney fees trying to recover a debt with no results, I was about to give up.  I then tried to do it on my own but the learning curve was too much for me and it was difficult to make time during work hours to show up in court.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

Then I found Paris who was willing use her time and to throw her good money after my bad debt.  It costs me nothing!  She just gets a percentage of what she recovers.  If she doesn't recover anything, it still costs me nothing and she covers the costs.  What a heaven sent blessing.  Doesn't hurt that she's pretty hot too!  Thanks Paris!

Honolulu, HI

Paris did am amazing job with helping me on a judgment. She is knowledgeable, professional and efficient.  I appreciate her honesty. She's also a registered process server and served someone that I didn't think we would EVER get paid. Thank you Paris!

San Francisco, CA

Miss Paris is awesome! I gave her one of my judgments to enforce. She immediately went to work. She applied for a Judgment Debtor Exam. She applied for a Writ of Execution. She found out where his mother and girlfriend lived. Then she went with an RPS and successfully served him, his mother and girlfriend subpoenas. He went to court and paid Miss Paris! Wow! That's so fast! I will use her services in the future.

Pasadena, CA

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